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Edinburgh, Scotland
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About The Cliff Ceilidh Band – professional ceilidh band based in Edinburgh, Scotland
9 reviews

The Cliff Ceilidh Band is an established ceilidh band with years of industry experience, performing at private events, parties and weddings all over the UK.

Based in Edinburgh, this group of talented musicians will guide you through the dances in an entertaining and informative way, no dancer is ever left behind!

The band is available in different formations, from a 3-piece band for smaller, more intimate gigs to a 5-piece band for high-energy large-scale events.

The Cliff Ceilidh Band play a traditional style of Scottish ceilidh music with modern twists, and will get everyone dancing!

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With an extensive repertoire of ceilidh music, this group is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a fun and fresh ceilidh at their event.

The group is flexible and reliable, and will make sure to collaborate with you on their set, and will happily adapt their repertoire and set-up to your needs.

So, if you’re looking to hire one of Scotland’s best ceilidh bands, look no further than The Cliff Ceilidh Band and get in touch today!


Nobody at my event has ceilidh danced before, is this ok?

Of course! We have played highly successful ceilidhs for tourist groups that do not speak English. There is always enough time to call the dances and do demonstrations. We love a challenge!

Will there be a caller?

Yes. We will always have an experienced caller in the band to go through each dance before starting. Depending on the gig we may send band members out into the audience to do demonstrations and help organise the sets. With so much experience doing so many different types of events you can rest assured that the calling is going to be great!

Do you play gigs outside of Edinburgh?

Yes, we are happy to travel. Upon request, we can quote travel expenses.

What happens if the dancers get tired?

We have a repertoire of traditional music that we can play as background music to give everyone a break. We also alternate the energetic dances with less tiring dances to make sure people are having fun from start to finish!

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes, of course, we are insured by Music Guard which gives us public liability insurance, Employee Insurance should any of the band members suffer an injury during work and our PA equipment is insured too.

Do you conduct risk assessments?

We have a general risk assessment for every ceilidh which can be sent on request. Every venue and function is different which means there are different hurdles that we need to overcome each night to provide a great ceilidh (ie where to set up the speakers, managing intoxicated dancers, noise levels, making sure people don’t trip on cables). Our band members are highly experienced and trained in all the things that can go wrong and so will always take these into account and seek to deal with them before a problem arises.

How long will you play for?

We can tailor the length and number of sets to suit you, as an idea we tend to play 2 x 75-minute sets with a short break in between.

Can we use the PA system during the break and for speeches?

Yes, of course. However, please note that when we finish our set we need to take the PA system away with us so it cannot be used to for an iPod shuffle DJ set all night long!

How long do you take to set up?

We allow an hour to set up.

9 verified reviews

"The Cliff Ceilidh Band played at 11th ENE Scouts Centenary Ceilidh and were absolutely superb. Fabulous sound from their 3 pieces led by Duncan who also did an excellent job calling the dances and running through the steps so all could join in. Highly recommend them and will definitely be booking in the future. Huge thanks from all our guests for a memorable evening."
– Karen Todd, 7 October 2019, scouts event in Edinburgh
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"The Cliff Ceilidh Band played at our Health in Mind charity fundraiser ball and were utterly brilliant. They were great value, really easy and flexible to work with, and a LOT of fun. All the guests were commenting on how good the band were: the dances were well-called and the evening was perfectly paced because the band knew just how to read the room to the time the dances and wee breaks in between just right. They were a lot of fun and came across really well, and the playing was amazing! Can't recommend these guys enough."
– Greta Heather, 7 August 2019, a charity gala in Edinburgh
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"10/10 would ceilidh again"
– Qais Patankar, 6 April 2019, university ball in Edinburgh
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"We hired The Cliff Ceilidh Band for the Geological Society Ball and they did not disappoint! They arrived on time and were extremely patient regarding the late-running of our event. They made sure to set up as quickly as possible to get the ceilidh started. We all had an amazing time as they made it so easy for everybody to join in. They were super flexible with their timings on the night and played us all out in expert style, getting the whole room involved. Thank you so much for a fabulous night! Would definitely recommend these guys."
– Sammie Yates, 14 March 2019, university ball in Edinburgh
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"The Cliff Ceilidh Band played at our Gymnastics Training Weekend ceilidh. A wonderful lively ceilidh band who talked us through the all the steps - would definitely recommend - everyone had a fantastic time!"
– Heather Gault, 10 March 2019, gymnastics society event in Edinburgh
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"Edinburgh University Modern Dance Society would like to say a massive thank you for playing at our ball! Your playing was brilliant and everyone loved the ceilidh "
– Caitlin Wright, 18 January 2019, dance society event in Edinburgh
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"On behalf of Edinburgh University Save the Children Society, would like to say a massive thanks for playing at our Charity Winter Ball! It was a tremendous performance with everyone seeming to enjoy the ceilidh. They were very professional and great at communicating all the dances, as well as accommodating our intermissions and any announcements we wanted to make. Would definitely recommend!"
– Aun Kazmi, 30 November 2018, charity event in Edinburgh
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"Hired these guys for a Geosciences GradSchool Ceilidh at the University and they really made the night a lot of fun! Would recommend to anyone!"
– Jonny Scafidi, 24 September 2018, university event in Edinburgh
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"Extremely talented musicians! Brilliant with getting people up to dance, and judging the crowd. Really lovely boys - would highly recommend for any event. Thanks again!"
– Meghan Hutchison, 20 September 2018, private party in Edinburgh
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