DJ, sax and drums – the hottest trend in live music right now (Updated May 2020)

2 AUGUST 2018
Blog post by Edward Southall
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In this latest blog post, we’ll be discussing one of the latest trends in live music: DJ, sax and drums.

You can read more and see some of the UK's best DJ, sax and percussion or DJ live acts on this recent post.

Where does the trend come from?

Adding a sax player and drums to perform alongside a DJ was first pioneered by UK record label, Hedkandi. They found great success with their residencies in Ibiza fusing a distinctive mix of chill-out and dance tracks over Balearic beats.

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The sensation quickly spread from Ibiza and the UK, across Europe, the Middle East and South America.

It’s now used as inspiration for Ibiza-style parties, weddings and clubs across the world with hosts deciding to hire additional musicians to improvise with their DJ.

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What are the most popular options?

The most common line-up is the saxophonist and DJ. Popular additions include percussion (especially bongos, congas and other types of drum), an electric violin and a singer or guitarist. Some musicians use a light-up sax or LED drums and bongos to provide an extra visual impact.

How does the performance work?

DJs usually provide music for between 4 to 5 hours at an event. During that time, the live musicians will play together in short bursts – usually 15 or 30 minutes per set.

The sax is usually amplified using a wireless mic, allowing them to roam amongst guests. This interaction breaks down the usual divide between DJ and audience.

The types of music they play range from 70s and 80s classics, through to house and dance hits, as well as disco, R&B, garage and hip hop tracks.

What sort of events do these kinds of groups perform at?

Our DJ, sax and percussionists are frequently booked as an entertainment package for weddings in the UK. Other locations they have travelled to for destination weddings include Ibiza, Mallorca, Tuscany (Itay), Spain, Portugal, Germany, Prague and the south of France. Cafe del Mar-themed corporate events and festivals are also a common request for a DJ with live musicians.

Where do the DJ, sax & percussion groups perform in the UK?

The trend for having a DJ Live group at your wedding (DJ + saxophone, electric violin, guitar, drums, bongos, percussion, and live singer) is especially popular in the north of England – e.g. in Cheshire, Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester. Many of the UK's most popular and renowned DJ Live groups in this style are found in this part of the UK.

How much do they cost?

Prices usually start at around £1,800 and increase depending on how many musicians you choose to add to the group. Factors like travel and the amount of time also impact the cost of hiring the musicians.

How can I book this for my own event?

Simple! Just tell us about your event and you’ll have musicians sending you their quotes in a few hours.

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And if you're planning your own Ibiza-style wedding or party, what are your plans for the live music or entertainment? Tell us in the comments section below!

— Ed is a recovering lawyer, having worked at international firm Hogan Lovells in London and Hong Kong before moving to a specialist practice in Mayfair. He left law to return to one of his earliest passions — music.