Hire an Acoustic Duo in the UK (Updated February 2020)

28 FEBRUARY 2017
Blog post by Adam Southall
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What exactly is an acoustic duo?

It’s a duo of musicians with one or both members singing, with one or both playing on acoustic guitar.

This, of course, is not a strict definition though. One member of the duo can instead perform on keyboard or even a reduced drum kit (snare and hi-hat) or any other acoustic instrument for that matter.

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Here are a few of FixTheMusic's most popular acoustic duos:

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Kudos Acoustic Duo

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What are the advantages of hiring an acoustic duo for your wedding or event?

As they are just two musicians, the cost for hiring an acoustic duo is usually significantly less than hiring a full band. They require less time to set up and pack down at the end of the night and can perform in a smaller stage area, often less than 2m x 2m.

For what occasions are they suitable?

Just about any occasion where live music is required, but they are particularly suitable for wedding receptions with fewer guests in smaller, more intimate wedding venues. These mini bands are suitable at venues with difficult access where it would be problematic to bring all of the equipment required for a full wedding band.

The duos are ideal as background music for more low-key events like a drinks reception, small corporate events or even Christmas parties.

Acoustic duos are also ideal for wedding venues with strict sound limiters in place. Most wedding venues in the UK now have sound limiters fitted – they can cause the power supply to the band to be cut off if a certain pre-determined decibel limit is exceeded.

It’s best to check with your venue if they have a sound limiter installed, and at what level it is set, e.g. 95 decibels (dB), 90dB or sometimes as low as 85dB.

Hiring an acoustic wedding duo thus means you don’t have to worry about sound limiter issues as the sound produced by the duo is likely to be far below the limiter’s level.

Acoustic duos are also suitable for international events where you require the duo to travel to your event to perform. For example, many UK based acoustic wedding band duos on FixTheMusic perform at weddings in France, Italy and Spain.

With just two members, there is less equipment to transport and fewer expenses to pay for – clients are paying for flights and accommodation for only two musicians, rather than four or five. Hence, hiring an acoustic duo for destination weddings is a cost-effective and popular solution.

Are they loud enough to get people dancing at a wedding reception or party?

Absolutely. Most acoustic duos have a party set ideal for dancing – some use a self-contained PA system to boost their sound when required.

How much cheaper will an acoustic duo be in comparison to a full band?

Put simply, the main factor that determines the cost of live music is the number of musicians required. Therefore, an acoustic duo is often about half the price of hiring a four-piece band for your event. This is one of the main differences between an acoustic duo and bands.

What sort of music do they play?

Acoustic duos can perform any music that a full band would perform, of course with a more stripped-back arrangement. Their set lists often feature many acoustic guitar-based songs but they are highly skilled musicians who perform a wide range of pop and rock covers.

How do I hire an acoustic duo for my event?

On FixTheMusic there are several professional acoustic duos listed. Submit an enquiry to receive quotes directly from local duos. You can compare their quotes, message them on our secure system and when you’re ready to book, you can pay safely online by debit or credit card. It’s that simple!

To find out more about us, have a read of our FAQs and verified reviews.

FixTheMusic is free to use – you are always in direct contact with musicians and can book easily on our safe and secure platform.

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